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Masseria Casaburo respects and preserves what nature has done for us

Fruit of the heart ...

The first pharmacy is our table . Our grandparents knew this well and today's scientific studies agree with this thesis. Vitamin E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and polyphenols are contained in the outer skin of almonds and act on our health and our beauty. Almonds also have cosmetic virtues given by the antioxidant properties of vitamin E.

...Fruit of the sun

The almond is a seed and contains in itself all the energy of the sun . Almonds are dried in the sun after harvest, and are selected by hand and packaged without any chemical treatment.          Almond is natural, healthy and energizing ** as well as very good! Nutritionists recommend a constant and moderate consumption.

Blooming and harvesting

The flowering of almond trees takes place between the end of February and the beginning of March. It covers the fields of white flowers and announces spring. It is a spectacle of nature very scenic and marks the awakening of nature after the winter break.

The fruit is harvested at the end of August with tractors equipped with shakers and large overturned umbrellas that surround the whole tree. Almonds are still wrapped in their husk and are left to dry in the sun . The shell is removed and the almonds are left for two or three days to dry in the sun before being put in the sacks and stored for sale.

A part of the crop is removed in laboratories equipped with special machinery that break the woody shell and separate the peel from the fruit. The fruit is then packaged in vacuum bags with some bay leaves as a natural preservative.

The unique flavor of the almonds of Masseria Casaburo.

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